What samples do you accept?

We accept all tissue samples, biopsies, excision or surgical specimens. We are able to collect the samples from the doctor’s surgery, hospital or theatres. Please phone 08 8986 7136 for more information or to arrange specimen pickup.

Which tests are performed in the lab?

We perform all histopathology testing on your tissue sample. This includes routine and special stains and diagnostic immunohistochemistry. For a comprehensive list of special stains or immunohistochemistry, please email enquiries@ozpathology.com.au.

Who is your pathologist?

Dr Ravi Mathew is our on site pathologist. He has more than 20 years experience in histopathology and was trained in anatomical pathology at the major hospitals in Perth. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal Pathologist College of Australia in 2005. Dr Mathew has a wide range of expertise including gastrointestinal pathology, dermatopathology and gynaecological pathology. Visit our About Us page for more info.

How are you faster in turnaround time than other companies?

Oz Pathology is the only histopathology service located in Darwin. We perform tests in our own on-site laboratory, unlike other companies who are required to transport samples to larger centres. Our service saves time and provides our customers with better and quicker results.

What do you mean Darwin’s own histopathology?

We provide all services for a histopathology laboratory onsite in Darwin. This includes all the testing and our own local histopathologist Dr Ravi Mathew. All our staff members reside in Darwin and support the community.

Do you bulk bill all patients from the GP?

Yes. We bulk bill all eligible patients that come from the GP in and around Darwin. To ensure that your submission is bulk billed, please provide a relevant Medicare number for our services.

What if I don’t have Medicare?

If you don’t have Medicare then you will receive an invoice from us for the same amount Medicare would have paid us. For all payment queries, please contact us on 08 8986 7136.

Why should we use Oz Pathology over the other providers?

Oz Pathology is a Darwin-based pathology service that supports local business. Not only do we have an exceptionally qualified and experienced team, but we are also committed to creating a superior service with our range of tests and fast turnaround. Our pathologist is always happy to help via phone or face-to-face in our laboratory. We are here for you.

I would like to send my samples to Oz Pathology but the clinic I attended has a different preferred provider. What can I do?

As a patient, you can request that your sample is sent to whichever pathology service you choose. It doesn’t matter if the doctor does not have our forms or has not previously received sample results from our company. Oz Pathology accepts all forms. New medical clinics using our services will be phoned by one of our laboratory assistants to ensure the treating doctor is able to access their patient’s results.

I am a medical professional and would like to use your pathology services, how do I start?

That is great news, it’s as simple as calling 08 8986 7136. Simply tell us which clinic you are from and we will set you up. Questions we will ask include: Doctors at the clinic, provider numbers, address, phone and fax numbers, email address and preferred report delivery (online, software upload, fax or hard copy). We will then deliver our request forms, pots and necessary equipment to your clinic. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I have had a problem with your service, what can I do?

Please phone us immediately on 08 8986 7136 to discuss the issue. We are here to service the Darwin and surrounding community and will endeavour to correct any problems as soon as we are aware. We want to help you.